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Thread: Attn: Enigma

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    enigma got banned again....?

    how many times does that make it since this thread began...?

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    no, it wasn't Kenny that got banned, it was the other DaveBEF faggot
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    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilNykil View Post
    no, it wasn't Kenny that got banned, it was the other DaveBEF faggot
    you need to be banned...because you're a faggot

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    why did he get banned

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    he was banned once already, then signed up with a different name

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    Default Attn Enigma

    I havent been seeking out music for years so I am out of touch. I just eye-roll statements like that because for-sure there is great music coming out in modern times. Yes even some stuff the kids listen to.

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    Default Attn Enigma

    Vinyl-Junkie...just wanted to say thanks, your replies on several posts here have helped me work out some issues with phpdig...its so nice to search and find answers without having to start a new post. Again, thanks.

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    actually i have 2 little girls, and i bet she is cuter then your ugly ass, your the master of search im sure you could find a picture of her. If you had kids i could picture them now, buck teeth, calling your sister mom

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    Default -

    Chuckle Well, it sure would be fun to own Cute little sucker, but a little late. Sure would have been useful earlier, though.

    Now then, if I decide to put in some track-----


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