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    I like the way they look and i was thinking of getting one, but i ave never see on on anybody's car. I have a 97 gsr and wa wondering if i couldget ome opinions of people who haveit or have seen one. thanxs
    "97 Black GSR"

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    sorry about the sloppy typing...tired.....didn't feel like checking it
    "97 Black GSR"

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    There is one on the Febuary Super Street. Its the "miracle fireball" on an RSX. It's a much smaller can than the N1.

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    i like the tanabe look better. dont know the performance specs though, just like the canister look on them better.

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    I have one on my LS. I love the sound, especially when I hear a rice boy try and rev me. It is deep and high quality. Don't know about power, but I feel something. my 2c :smile:

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    The Fireball exhaust is really loud, my cousin has it on his civic. It has a good
    deep low rumble at low rpm and is really loud at high rpm. I just don't like the look.

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    what about the HKS... and going out on a limb here.. the Mugen?

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    I just got my GReddy SP. Yay! I'm putting it on this saturday. Yay! I've seen a lot of the HKS Dragger and tons of the Tanabe, the Hyper Medallion sounds like a bee. The Dragger sounds nice, and my friend's sounds like rice(magnaflow?). The Mugen is the funny wrap-around (it goes through the muffler twice) and costs way more than any of the others. Take a look at some Apex'i and GReddy systems too.

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