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Thread: **Newbies**Introduce Yourself here!

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    Talking Howdy

    Just got my 1st ever Honda car. It's a 1988 Civic DX Sedan with a D15B4 1.5 L engine with PGM-FI Dual Point Injection, and a standard 5 speed tranny. The car is stock at this point and in excellent shape considering its age. There are only 2 rust throughs on the entire car and both are on the outside top edges of the rear fender wells with no indication of any body work done to it ever. It also needs a couple of minor dings cleaned up and paint. The motor (if original, which I believe it is) has over 273K miles on it but runs absolutely solid, appears not to burn any oil, and the valves sound fine. So far, I love the thing!

    It's going to be a daily runabout for us at this point. I may, if the motor ever blows up, consider doing a swap and start pumping her up. But for now I'm really looking into doing whatever is doable to pump up the MPG's. My 1st estimate is that it's getting around 34 at the moment. I'll have a more accurate estimate on my next fill-up. I'd like to see it do 45 or better if possible.

    So if anyone has any tips to pump up the MPG's that would be great.

    This is a great board and I've already gleaned a wealth of info from it. Thanks for the great board!

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    Default Lights

    How to fix Crappy lights. I wet sanded all crude off with 1000 grit sand paper take your time and get all crude off. Then get Meguiars Fine cut Rubbing Compound. I used a buffer and, some hand rubbing. I tall took about 1 hr per light.

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    hi im jason
    99 civic 4 door sedan d15z9 SOHC
    daily driver

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    civic_life95, bes recoginze b , wassup yall ..reside in the uk .. from ja. west indies loove the honda life ..... world peace

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    i dont know what you just said but the rules for the avatar are 100 X 100 pixels

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    Quote Originally Posted by enigma9789
    i dont know what you just said but the rules for the avatar are 100 X 100 pixels
    LOL @ u being the new civic section version of grey runner.

    "bitches love me cause they know that i can rock"

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    I wish cuz i would put up the nazi grey pic on everyones avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick1574
    LOL @ u being the new civic section version of grey runner.
    本田1991 Acura Integra H22A-LSD本田
    ^Click For Info On Car^
    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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    eric w/ 97 prelude type SH... from ny... new to the site.... my plans, well, gotta alot of new stuff in my car rebuilt h22 block n head and more... but this morning thermostat froze and blew the head gasket because i wasn't in the car when it overheated. i started it when i was gettin ready in the morning went inside and let it warm up. pretty much everything is good on it. i don't wanna pull the head off again and i need a new car anyway for work. i would like to sell it as is and all it needs is a head gasket, but i will sell parts eventually if i can't do that. or fix it and sell it running.

    what i wanna do next is get an h23 w/ low compression pistons and supercharge it or turbo. gotta do more research to find out what performs better.
    n e way, if you got any input or need anything contact me

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    Default offense, or not trying to be a ass, but this is for CIVICS!
    本田1991 Acura Integra H22A-LSD本田
    ^Click For Info On Car^
    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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    hahaha wtf... hahaha i read the subject... "newbies post here" now i proved it, i'm a newbie... hahaha my bad

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    hey i also have jus recieved my first honda. and also my first tuner car. i was always american muscle. i had a mustang with a 302 under the hood it was totally maxed out and fast as hell but sold it and bought a 2000 honda civic Si. its got some stuff done to it already. but i plan to do way more. no pics for now but i will take some and get them up. this is a cool site i like it.

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    Default Wassup

    My name is Panther and I drive an all Black 95 EG Coupe.

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    it doesnt matter if its a civic, this is the introduction thread, there isnt other ones in the other forums so its ok, just dont ask prelude questions

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    hey kids.

    I just bought a 91 Hatch last weekend. We rebuilt the exhaust from the rear flange before the muffler, and installed a new muffler (Thrush, $20 from Advance ).

    its got 170k miles, and was purchased as a beater for my wife to learn stick and to be used as a daily driver until she finishes school in the spring and gets a full-time job.

    my boy paid $200 for it, and I'll be buying it from him (including the work) for a bit more. We initially thought it also needed a power-steering pump, until we realized the 91 civ dx hatch does not have power steering!

    Anyways, my name is Neil an i'm in Greensboro, NC.

    A bit of history: 2 years ago, I owned a 93 Si Hatch for about 3 months, before it was T-boned and totaled. My daily driver is a 95 MX-6 with 180k, bone stock. It currently needs a clutch and a new drivers side door.

    I'm new to civics, but I love cars. I'm not technically savy with cars, but I have a decent understanding of the basics, and I know what I don't know.

    I'll end this overly long post with a question: whats a good bone-yard seat swap for a 91 hatch? I want something thats a direct swap, thats comfortable and supportive (remember, this is my wifes car )

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    Default New to the area

    Hey guys thanks for letting me join in .I currently own a 1989 crx hf and a 2002 accord.

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    im ode1979 , i have a crx 91 and just wondering on the net , i found this page, mi first lenguage is spanish so please forgive me on my bad english,

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    Hi, I'm Javier from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    My car is a 2000 Civic VTi hatchback (EK4), with 70.000 kms.

    The mods I made on it were:

    - Bi-xenon lamps
    - Brembo drilled & slotted rotors
    - Short Ram with OEM Honda NSX air filter
    - Self made blackhousing in headlights
    - Transparent side markers
    - Tokico Illumina Shocks & Springs suspension kit (not installed yet; next week)
    - Civic Type R front grill and "H" emblems.
    - Alpine 9855 Player
    - Front speakers: DLS C5 components (5"1/4)
    - Rear speakers: JBL GTO components (5"1/4)
    - Audiopipe TSPR-12 Subwoofer
    - Audiodistinct 4ch amplifier

    Next mods (very soon):
    - Tie/strut/c-pillar bars (already have front strut OEM)
    - DCSports header and complete exhaust
    - Cold Air Intake with K&N air filter

    Hope you like it and I accept any suggestion!

    Here's a pic, in a rare foggy day.

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    Im Cody and i recently bought a 92 civic cx ... the guy that sold it to me it a civic expert and helps me out with anything i want to do to the car... he put the stock del sol engine in it before he sold it to me which he says has more horse power than the stock engine.... he also put a new air intake and new springs and struts, and lowered it 6 inches he is a big help but wont really give me a straight answer on what i can do next. i dont know much about cars yet becasue ive only been driving a few years, but i know i like to go fast and i am looking for whatever help i can get to up my cars horsepower and everything else. money is sort of an issue because i do go community college but im taking some time off so i will have a steady income and instalation isnt a problem becasue he can do anything to a civic so any help i could get would be great


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    6 inch drop?...holy crap. Didn't know that was possible.
    本田1991 Acura Integra H22A-LSD本田
    ^Click For Info On Car^
    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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    im not sure.... its really low i could very well be worng on this but it was dropped a significant amount

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    Wassup everybody, I'm Matt (username is always taken...surname means Prince). Been driving a 1999 Honda Civic Coupe since last tuesday now! Been ripping on my brother ever since cos he drives a Focus!!!

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    Default Alreet

    Hi everyone.

    I'm the proud owner of a '92 Civic, not sure how you guys equate it to eg, ek or whatever d16z6 motor, basic mods, rims, steering wheel, intake, etc. Just installed two alarm as some little scrote took my last stereo. Working on plans for big mods, but not sure which direction to take this in, was looking at some sort of v6, but its too cold now. Anyone with any ideas feel free to suggest and advise.


    West Yorkshire, UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Javierbeetle
    thats a tight picture!!

    and welcome to all

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