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    Can some please tell me the difference between the AEM cold air intake and the AEM short ram. Isn't the short ram cold air intake also. Which one would best the best pick for more Hp, on a Integ GSR?

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    get the aem cold air intake. short ram is the same thing, difference is that the regular intake goes more out of your engine bay which = colder air = more hp and a colder engine. not too much of a difference just telling you the differences. Also if you get the intake be syre not to drive or park thru really heavy water dont want it to suck water into your engine.hope that helps any1 else throw in if i left something out.

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    No difference. I have used both for extesive periods of time. Think of it this way, in one you can see the filter, in the other it collects mud behind your turnsignal. But I haven't seen any difference in performance, the cold air did make a gay whislting sound though, if you're into that sort of thing...

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    there is a performance difference but it'll be so small you probably won't notice

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    just get the NEW aem short ram. they have a new filter and its sweet. better than k&n. just get that. cold air is for pussies with civics. cold air intakes do nothin besides get water in your engine
    could have had a V-8...but why?

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