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    Well I've had a really shitty diet over the last couple months. Put weight back on. Was out of the gym for a while but I'm finally back in a groove. I decided that this time I would go for strength over physique to start. I believe that with the right workout now and a proper diet, strength will lead to a body style I enjoy.

    My GF also told me I'm not allowed to cut like I did last time because I finally don't look like a 15 year old boy. I'm about 165 right now, compared to my 8% BF/137lb self before.

    Not flexing in these. I think I'll give strength building at least another month or two before I consider doing a serious cut. For now I am just trying to reduce my early morning/lunch calorie intake since I workout at night.

    About 2 months into the beard.

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    A good place to show something.

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    so what's everyone's opinion on steroids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fooisl View Post
    so what's everyone's opinion on steroids?
    No way, I would rather work out than take steroids.

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    Agree with Harris. Steroids are bad for health, for sure.

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    Look at modern bodybuilders. Do you wanna be like that?

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