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Thread: EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NelsonAquinoEK9
    actaully, im not leaving becuase i do like this site and im not letting a couple post ruin my 280 posts. im planning on staying here for years to come. so if you really dont like me, just dont read my posts or dont post back because your 2 cent opinion is not going to affect my life.
    Perfect, well bare with me but this means whenever i come home from work, school or w/e and i feel like shit. Ill just hop on hhu and make fun of you. cuz your ugly. you stink. and you look like shit.
    Chicago Bears ~ Monsters of the Midway

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    bump for the retarded dominican making the rest of us dominicans look bad. Fuckin campesino!!!!

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    so this kid posted a pic sumwer and looks like an alien? lol i wanna see

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    Quote Originally Posted by Project Monkey
    so this kid posted a pic sumwer and looks like an alien? lol i wanna see
    sooooo late on Nelson being an alien....
    BTW why are the majority of the threads in E-BEEF made by Nelson... its because no one likes him
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    no one likes him...he fucked it up for himself a while back

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuklear
    someone call discovery, a black kid who knows who his daddy is!
    lol thats funny as hell

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    Your father is a police officer who works from 2-10 PM remember?

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