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Thread: Xbox 360 BB code

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    96 teg- type r conversion in process...

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    in the sig

    Wing It On

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    I know Im a couple years late, but I just got an xbox.

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    my little rod broke off

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    I have a hard time finding for the best RPG games in Xbox 360 as i did not want to waste my money on games that are not very enticing.As far as i have researched, the reviews from other websites are that Elder scrolls IV : Oblivion was the best. I thought of Fable 2 was also the best game. So what is your choice?

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    Default Xbox 360 BB code

    Maybe im muisunderstanding something here, but the computer itself doesnt connect to Xbox live, the 360 does. It doesnt need the computer to play online games, just the modem and if necessary, router.

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    Default Xbox 360 BB code

    But heres the thing: Other people are able to use Xbox live using the same set up with no router and of course they cant remember how they did it.

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    Default Xbox 360 BB code

    I just got a GamerTag, even though I dont own an Xbox I play on friends, enough that it makes sense to get one. So if you want to exchange gamertags and be on each others friends list, PM your gamertag to me.

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    Default Xbox 360 BB code

    I agree with both LD and Kami.

    Always have been a Playstation kid, and that isnt going to change.

    Also, from what I have heard, there are so many things wrong with the Xbox One.

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    It's a good game. I've already played it before. From what I've heard, it's being sold for a bundle in Steam recently.

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