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Thread: Temp problem on F22

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    Default Temp problem on F22


    I got a turbo f22, stock C/R, intercoold with a super 60 garrett turbo, prs4 fuel injection comp, the engine rung great at 5 or 6 psi, but if I run hard for too long it starts to get hot!!

    what could it be??

    AF ratio is in the 12.5 13.0 range!

    thank you

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    start simple first. try a themostat that opens at a lower temp. if that does not work you may have to spend some money. I.E. racing radiator or having a professional mess with you a/f ratio, that has alot to do with exaust gas temps

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    ^uhhh.. read the dates.. i seriously doubt he still has this problem after 2 years

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    thats what happens when you do stuff online with a bottle of jack in you blood. i should pay more attention.

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