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    Exclamation Image Hosting Tutorial

    Other mods and I have noticed that several people who are using the forum are unsure of how to post pics. I've decided to take some time and help everyone out with a quick tutorial. I will be expanding this as I have time with screenshots and more detailed explanations. Today I will start with uploading and posting.

    Step 1: Uploading

    There are many sites out there that give users free hosting. My personal favorite is This site gives users with free accounts 50mb of hosting space and 2500mb of bandwidth per month.

    When you get to the Photobucket homepage, click on the Sign Up button and make an account. Once you have completed the account creation process, you will be allowed to upload your files from your account homepage. Simply click the Browse button and find the photo on your computer (Your image must be in one of the following forms: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, swf) and click Submit (NOTE: Depending on the size of your picture, it may take a while for the page to refresh. Do not hit your refresh button or submit twice!). The page should refresh as your picture is uploading and once it is complete, you have successfully uploaded your picture.

    Step 2: Posting

    Once your pictures have uploaded, you will see them at the bottom of the page that loads. Below your picture will be three boxes with text in them. The top box is the url text which is a hyperlink to a webpage that displays the picture only and can be used to directly link a user (or webpage) to your picture. The middle box is the html tag for use in creating website and such. The bottom box is the IMG tag for use in PHPBB and other forums. This is what you will want to use to display your picture in your post. Simply copy the text from this bottom box and paste it into your post. When you post the message or preview the message, it will display the picture in your post.

    Hopefully this helps everyone out and I will be expanding on this in the future with a section on resizing.
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