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    This is an index of all the useful "how to" threads in the Accord forum. This list should continue to grow as members create useful (and detailed!) threads. If you know of a thread that you think belongs here, PM me with the link! If I (and the other mods) find it acceptable, it'll be added. Keep in mind, for a thread to be added to this list, it has to be clearly written. Include all tools needed, cover all steps, and try to warn of common mistakes. Pictures are always a plus as well! I will try to keep this list in alphabetical order as it grows.

    NOTE: To have an article added to this list, PLEASE titile it "HOW TO... *****" That will help in determining what should be considered.

    Axle replacement

    Brake bleeding

    Camshaft replacement

    Clear SRS light

    Clutch master and slave cylinders

    Cooling system Electrolysis

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    Ignition system troubleshooting

    Rotor over hub replacement

    Steering Wheel wobble diagnosis

    Stripped oil pan bolt repair

    Timing belt replacement

    Tube seal replacement (if there's oil on your plug wires)

    Valve adjustment


    Water in trunk

    7th Generation Accord bumper and headlight removal
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