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    post stolen straight from 306motorclub
    Quote Originally Posted by TAB
    Update? Where to begin? I guess I could start by saying I have given my resignation this morning from the board. We have gone from having land donated to now buying land. I brought up the option of looking closer to Regina for land since we have to buy it anyway. 2 board members made it very clear last night that they have their own personal agendas. They feel very strongly that it should stay in Cupar no matter what makes the best business sense. I would have liked to see it go to the members to vote on, but unfortunately they see it as a personal attack. I would have given 3 options; parcel A, parcel B or choice 3 we quit now. Hopefully they can get things on the right track; but from this point on I will no longer be involved with this venture as it now stands.
    i want to see this thing happen, and happen for next year...i guess not.
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