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Thread: ***POST UP PICS OF YOUR INTEGRA*** (No commentaries please)

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    Thumbs up Bap Bap

    Quote Originally Posted by doober75
    i dont know if anyone on here will like it. it looks like you guys are all into the jdm look. i went flashy lol. let me know what you think.

    Thats a nice what kind of kit you got on there
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    its a CL...look at the 3rd page
    1996 acura integra GSR
    energy suspension
    DC sports 4-1 header
    DC sports single canister cat back
    AEM short ram intake
    motegi DV5 17" rims
    Moroso 5 qt. oil pan

    NEW M1151 armored hummer with an armoured electric turret and .50 caliber machine gun. top speed: 80 mph

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    i got it from andys. i wanna swap bumpers but keep lights. i HATE blitz style front bumpers.
    as for engine work i got the norm i/h/e with intake manifold and nice shiney fuel rail and pressure regulator for looks. and the type r valve cover. nitrous coming soon!

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    Here are pics of my Gen3.

    Quad Projector Retrofit, HID Retro Lows and Halogen Highs

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    what projectors did you use for the HID retro fit ? and for the high beams ?
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    I used RX330 Projectors w/ 300ZX Lens and Valeo 9005 High Beam.

    1995 Milano Red GSR w/ HID RX330 Projector Retro & Valeo High Beam Projectors

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    Quote Originally Posted by ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

    Seems like ur a Iori Yagami fan as well.

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    Default New Guy

    hey wussup to this are a few pics of my ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meso Teggy
    hey wussup to this are a few pics of my ride

    Very clean!

    This sig makes me feel 16 again.

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    stock 1992 GS

    I recently got rid of the purple tint on all windows except hatch. I also waxed teg after taking pics..

    ^^ my two loves.

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    Default Teg in Colombia

    This is my quite standard 93 LS Teg. It has 110K miles and the only repairs were to replace all cooling hoses, replace trailing arm bushings and repair a leak on the radiator. Otherwise the car runs perfect
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    Default 2001 Type Robert

    The oil stains are not mine
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    Talking What up teg headz? here's my pic contribution

    HEY WHAT UP GUYS N Gals? Im kinda new round the site and decided to post up a few pics of my teg. its a 97 RS with 95 gsr motor/tranny full black interior gsr stock blk leather, it still need a lot of work. but it all came to a quick stop after gettin side swipped from this 16 year old punk ass teenager. But im jus gonna post pics of it before that shit happened. Thats jus a whole nother thread! Anyways dont bash me to badly .



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    my 4dr
    99 DB8 INTEGRA

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    Just bought a 94 Intrgra but here is my 03 RSX Type S and yes, it's rice.

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    It's a work in progress!

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    My 1997 JDM Integra SiR-G 1.8 VTEC

    I have Bronze 5Zigen Pro Racer Gn's in 16inch coming in from japan this week
    Hope you like

    My Teg and my Friend 1998 Black Teg SiR

    my Teg, friends 2000 civic SiR and my other friends Mitsubishi Lancer Mivec

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    Default my 91 DA9 !!!

    My 91 DA9 ...!!!!
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    H old
    O n
    N ot
    D one
    A ccelerating !!!

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    Smith Custom Motorsports
    "Real cars are built, not bought"
    " ...the whole reason for having race tracks is to see how fast we can go.
    The reason for having streets and highways is to get to the track."

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    my babys
    99 DB8 INTEGRA

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