View Full Version : opinion on wheels

04-15-2002, 01:12 AM
im thinking of getting those tenzo zt-6 wheels. in black but whats your alls opinion? u think that they would look good? i havent seen them on a car so i dont know.
the pic is on http://www.tenzoracingsports.com/roadwheels/zt-6/index.html

04-15-2002, 02:12 AM
although the black ones are my favorite, i dont like those wheels tooo much. i feel like they kinda stick out to far everywhere. i'm also think that sounded retarded.

04-15-2002, 09:38 PM
Those are defiantly simple looking wheels. If that's the look your going for then do it.

04-15-2002, 10:03 PM
I like the black ones too.

04-15-2002, 11:57 PM
well i think im gonna go for it anyway, cause today i had to go mow a lawn where i used to live, and i hit this HUGE fucking pot hole and fucked my back rim all up now, so now i either have to buy a new rim, or buy all new ones. heh gives me an excuse to get new ones i guess.

04-16-2002, 05:38 AM
they weigh a lot....tenzo's aren't known for their light weight...otherwise they are simple/cheap rims...

04-16-2002, 02:01 PM
I like the black ones. What color is your ride?

04-16-2002, 02:50 PM
my ride is 96 teg, black with tan int. I thought about those zt-6 or some 16 spoon's.