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Big Rotor Brake Kit
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1997 Honda Accord
Reviewed by: Unregistered

AEM : Big Rotor Brake Kit
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I paid $700.00.
I have had this product for 1 - 2 Years.
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instructions, install, price, poor quality, design, waste of time, effort, and money.
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Date added: 02.17.06
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Additional Information This is probably the worst thing I have ever purchased for my car. To start, on the 97 accord, I have a captive system. This means install is a pain in the butt. I had to have some one else install the brakes for me. The instructions were not correct for my style of brakes. After 3 months of use the rotors warped and I had to had them turned. There's a major amount of overhang on the pads and my worry is not the reduction of surface area, but what happens when the pad where down enough to touch each other? Can we say accident waiting to happen? Thank god I've had more problems with them and can warant the expense of replacing them with Brembo. All in all, I have over $1500 invested in trying to make this kit work. What a waste.

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