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2004 Acura RSX Type-S
Reviewed by: Cautela

Garmin : NUVI-1300
Short Review
I paid $145.00.
I have had this product for 1 - 3 Months.
Rate - (3/5 : Good)
Good & Bad
Good size screen, many languages (the mainstream languages speak the street names), many extra applications like calculator and converter, downlodable extra content (some free), can browse the turns and map ahead, can use it as a "virtual map".
Sometimes confusing directions only a few seconds before you had to turn (slow response), confuses itself as to whether destination is on left or right, voices can get robotic sometimes...
Extended Information
Date added: 04.10.10
Views: 14,408
Helpful: 6/8 members

Manufacturer's website
Additional Information If you think you cannot get lost with a GPS, think again... this thing has gotten stuck on me twice already! And sometimes it will say "keep right" instead of "make a right turn", to some people that means stay in the right of that road NOT turn! Had to make many a 'u-turns' since I've had it. However somewhat better than the average Navigation unit.

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