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Civic Chassis Codes
4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th generation chassis codes for the Honda Civic.
ECU Engine Codes
Honda / Acura ECU Engine Codes.
1999-2002 Si Dyno Results
Compare the Civic Si '99-'02 dyno results.
Horsepower vs. Torque
Compare and understand horsepower vs torque.
Limited Slip
Explanation of limited slip.
How does VTEC work?
The explanation of how a VTEC system works.
ECU Error Codes
List of error codes directly from the Honda manual.
How to obtain ECU error codes
Determine if your ECU has an error code.
How to reset ECU error codes
Reset your ECU.
I just got my car, how should I start to modify?
Some advice on getting your first modifications done to your car, along with detailed descriptions and explanations of each upgrade.
What do I need to know about a Honda / Acura Turbo Kit?
Honda / Acura Turbo Kit Frequently Asked Questions.
Engine Swap F.A.Q.
Complete 92-00 Civic Owners Engine Swapping Guide.
Suspension Basics
Explanation of camber, caster, toe, and independent.

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