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90 honda crx

Added by tunerboy03
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    jmikalinis 03:26 PM
    Re: 90 honda crx
    love the car!!! OMG Its like what i want... M3 fendors,orange paint,lambo doors OMG! i want a little bit more of a darker flatter orange.
  2. #2 tunerboy03
    Re: 90 honda crx
    thanks man.... i put a grip of money into this thing to get it this way... alls i need now is a swap... then it'll be complete in my eyes
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    nyviq 06:19 AM
    Re: 90 honda crx
    very nice
  4. #4 A Snare
    Always liked the CRX but that is amazing...
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    jhhawks9969 12:36 PM
    hey wats up man
  6. #6
    jhhawks9969 12:37 PM
    nice car one of the best crxs ive seen yet
  7. #7
    Re: 90 honda crx
    yo congrats man....on being the best fucking ricer in the world...fukin lambos doors on a fukin honda...yeahh great.... hense Lambo doors stay on a lambo u wing...also that construction orange paintjob brings out the fact that the car looks like a giant construction cone...y did u put z3 fenders (BMW) i thought there for BMws ur given them a bad name..if i was mr BMW id come and blow that shyt up and any other honda out there if u ever in ny give me a call and were gunna race...914 263 9282

    / hey u guys are all wings go get a bmw u fuking wings and see whats good
  8. #8 MungsCivic

    Looks like someone is still in Jr. High. Grow up man... when didnt come bother u. Well anyway, maybe if ur in Tx, i'll show u how to REALLY race!
  9. #9 mattybro
    This one is going out to my mean man in the dress "IFUCKINGHATERICERS", Geez what an absolute LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER. OK dickhead, BMWs' are alright, lets face it my mum and dad both drive one........and they are in there late 60's, yep they are ok if you are an older person, or an anal retentive douchebag, (which, by the way, doofus, sounds exactly like you), but real men like me and my fellow crx owners know exactly what it is like to drive a rocket powered go-kart. So why don't you, my tiny penised friend, find some real mates, who might be fly enough to own one, ask them to take you for a drive in one, and then make a comment!!!!!!!!!! I own a 1988 crx with a B18C7 that would kick the snot out of any of your nancyboy eurocrap. So get over it, get over yourself, and basically get your hand off it, boy!!!
  10. #10 GuTi
    this car is soooooo ricer its not even funny
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