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Video System Shot

Added by 92civicNOS
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  1. #1 sol2nr
    hott setup how u have the screen under the H.U.
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  2. #2 Marc
    I have to give total credit to my buddy who helped with the install. To keep cost down, I bought a larger DVD player that was designed to fit under the seat. We actually took the DVD player apart, custom built the kit and had JUST the tray installed under the deck, with the guts of the DVD behind the dash connected with a computer cable. The IR eye is behind the vent. My buddy sure knows how to pull off some pretty trick stuff!

    Thanks for the good comment!
  3. #3 sol2nr
    thats cool.. how much did it end up running you total?? i was thinking about doing something like that buti wasnt sure how much it would cost me..
  4. #4 Marc
    well, it is a little misleading with the price. I work at a mobile audio/video shop, so I get cost on all the equipment. The monitor retails at around 270, and the dvd around 240. The labor would have been around 400 if I had to pay for it
  5. #5 sol2nr
    yaa i kno a couple people who work at a place like that too... what would the str8 cost be to order one for yourself?? cuz thats hot i would be able to get mine... and wll i'd have to sped maybe 20 bucks more...
  6. #6 Marc
    it was around 280 total...buddy did the labor for nothing can't ask for any better than that!
  7. #7
    youlost 08:24 PM
    Hey nice try, but we all know thats an automatic, or at least I know. The interior does look exelent though.