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Thread: Everyone Introduce themselves

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    Cool Everyone Introduce themselves

    ok havent done this in awhile im sure there are new poeple in here... and now we have a new formatt so it should get good now.. so post were 1st name were you are from and what you drive...

    my name is John but everyone calls me Rooster i drive a 2001 Mustang GT im from bergen county in North, NJ a picture of my car will be in my sig
    Ford Mustang GT Merkur XR4Ti Chrylser Laser Turbo

    My cars are"STOCK"

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    I'm Chris, everyone calls me Chris

    I drive a 96 accord

    I'm from Greensboro NC

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    i'm gidget, that's not my real name because i'm a psycho paranoid internet user. i drive a 93 prelude 2.2 vtech jap spec. i'm 5'3 115lbs i like women and long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners and horseback riding..........hahahahahahahahahahaha sorry that's just how this thread made me think....
    I just made chuck norris my bitch...

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    I'm Chris, I'm 25, I drive a '91 Accord EX. I live in Montana, I'm from Augusta GA.
    Oh yeah, & winter sucks.

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    Hi everyone, my name's Jon

    everyone: Hi Jon

    I'm from Connecticut, and I drive a 944 Turbo, when I haven't taken it apart.

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    hello all.
    Slopez Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbpgsr
    is that your white Hona? cool little car
    Slopez Racing

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    Quote Originally Posted by stockboost
    Hi everyone, my name's Jon

    everyone: Hi Jon

    I'm from Connecticut, and I drive a 944 Turbo, when I haven't taken it apart.
    oops... sorry.
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    Slopez Racing

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    Hi my name is Brandon. Everybody calls me Hoppy. I drive a 91' Integra LS. I'll have a pic as my sig soon. I'm from Newark, Ohio. Go Bucks!!

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    Hey My names Dan I live in NY, 2 places upstate and downstate, I drive a 2000 Integra LS, and I too Like women! Sponsored by:

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    My name is Brandon, im from Columbus, Ohio and i drive a 96 DX hatch With a B18C5.

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    John, north jersey
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    nick, 95 prelude, used to go to school in newark (NJIT) transferred to TCNJ in ewing, work in edison, and live in morris county. i get around

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    whatsup, my name is Jabari, just got into ludes when i got my 5th gen for graduation this summer and love it to death, glad to be part of another online community

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    My name is Nyssa i'm in currently staying in West Virgina. I'll be here for another year and a half (i'm in the military) and i'm in the middle of no where, someone help. I drive a 95 Del Sol Si, right now i'm in the process of finding the right b18c1 to do a engine swap.

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    I'm Alex, I live in Detroit, Michigan. I just very recently picked up a damaged 93 Civic Sedan DX. In my free time, I try to work on the car. For actual deniro though, I work in graphic design, computer repair, and selling crap on ebay.

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    My Names Mark, But People Always Call Me Hackett, (In The Military As Well), I live in Connecticut, and I drive a '97 Honda Civic EX V-TEC, and working on a '93 Honda Accord LX in my spare time.

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    my name is ray, every 1 calls me red, im 15 and i drive a honda crx HF (my sleeper :D)...will be putting my GSR engine in it in like a week so uhmmm yeah

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    Jon- Macon,Ga
    1998 honda civic ex

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    my name is slow mo i drive a 04 civic ex ( completely stock, just because it has factory gfx doesnt mean its fast and stop trying to race me because I dont want to embarass myself) Im from northwest NJ, but am always in northeast NJ for work/gf. Im 22 and i like my prostate tickled

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    my name is seth, I live in Tucson, AZ, I drive a 94 Prelude VTEC, and I'm an alcoholic.

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    My name is Nick, I drive a 96 civic ex and i live in Greensboro, NC

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    My name is Stacie, I drive a 93 Lude Si H23. I live In Lancaster SC, work in Charlotte NC.

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