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Thread: Official What Your Car Has Thread!

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    Default Official What Your Car Has Thread!

    This is a thread for posting what you drive, and what you have done to it. This is meant to save confusion in the Kill Section forum, it is a hassle to post what mods you have done every time you want to post up a kill. If you want to know what a person is running, just check this thread.

    mods, thanks for the support
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    1985 Honda CRX DX.

    Car started with 76~hp (EW1 12v+4aux 1.5 Carb) The engine that's in it now, when fuel injected (EW5 12v+4aux 1.5 PGMFI), was good for 115~hp. I've got it carb'd (Single 3bbl), so I'd be curious to see what it's making now..I estimate somewhere in the 108 range.

    Electronic fuel pump.

    And that's it as far as mods go for the time being. I need to figure out the overheating issue before I do anything else.

    Oldest Honda on HHU.

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    1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R, 5Zigen Exhaust, Somekind Of Intake Removed The Airbox, 6 Spoke White Rims That Came With the Car, SR20DE Motor, Falken Tires And Medium black Tint
    2.1 DE T

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    1989 crx si coil overs (going to be upgraded), munzo exhaust, ebay CAI, headers

    End of summer...Project: POS

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    2001 Integra GSR...

    -Revhard Stg. 2 Kit
    -Hondata s100b
    -Thermal R&D 3" Turboback
    -"ViS" OEM CF Hood
    -TEIN Basics
    -15% Tint All the way around
    -RC 440's
    -Apexi Turbo Timer
    -S2000 Push Button Start
    -Apexi AVCR
    -Exedy Stage 2 Cerametallic Clutch
    -Fidanza 7 lb Flywheel
    -Stock Blades on BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KD's

    Summer of 05: Rebuild, JE Pistons, Eagle Rods, 10-12 psi.
    2001 Integra GSR-T, 300 whp - Sold 1/11/2006 You will be missed.

    2006 Nissan Maxima SE 6-Speed

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    300zx 2+2 NA auto

    greddy sp2 catback
    screw mod
    Drilled and slotted rotors
    Hawk brake pads
    Yoko AVS tires
    guesstimating a mid 15

    Refuse to spend shitloads of money and not yeild any gains

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    '99 trans am
    -lid / air box
    -cat-back exhaust
    -ls7 clutch / ls2 flywheel
    -drag radials

    '88 GTA
    -Jet Chip
    -duct tape

    '03 superhawk
    -some pavement
    -otherwise stock
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    i have a honda

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    2002 Celica GT
    Injen CAI
    Apex'i axle-back exhaust
    Fidanza short shifter
    Toyo Proxes 4 205/50-16

    1995 Civic DX
    rev valvetrain
    blox spec c cams
    custom sheetmetal i/m
    3" aem itr intake
    an-r equal length race header
    2.5" exhaust
    B16 tranny
    itr flywheel
    exedy stage 1 clutch

    14x6 panasport pro rallye, 195/55-14 toyo proxes t1s

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    ~ 2001 Silverstone Metallic Honda S2000

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    my little rod broke off

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    No need to lock it, I think its a good idea. I'm gonna sticky it.

    1995 Toyota Supra n/a

    greedy pe cat back exhaust.
    2002 Chevrolet Corvette
    1997 Jeep Cherokee

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    95 civic ex
    revhard stage 2
    hondata s200b
    custom 2.5" exhaust
    walbro 255lph intank pump
    RC 550 injectors
    ACT heavy duty pressure plate/6 puck unsprung disk
    turbo xs dual stage boost controller
    full-race traction bars

    i'll edit this in a few weeks when I get new goodies 8)

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    2003 Jetta 1.8T
    No mods

    EXCSTA Supra 712's, GLI Rims

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    1990 CRX Si

    as of right now has no motor

    but i have my GSR sitting in the basement

    so mods will be as follows:


    1994 GSR
    2.5" Exhaust w/ ES Oval Muffler

    Progress 2" Drop B-Series Springs
    16" Gunmetal Enkei Rs5 Rims

    Stock for now but im lookin to pick up the 94+ GSR center console

    basically keeping it stock might get amber corners and repaint the car NHBP very soon.

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    2001 WS6 Trans am
    -Bolt on's
    -Spec stage 3 clutch
    -spec aluminum flywheel
    -Moser built 12 bolt rearend
    -33 spline axels
    -eaton HD posi
    -4:11 gears
    MT ET street radial
    -LS1 edit
    -BMR trq arm
    -BMR LCA'S
    -BMR subframes
    -pro 5.0 shifter
    and some other MISC. shit

    2001 WS6 Trans Am- sold 10/19/06
    2005 Lancer Evolution VIII
    1990 Jeep Cherokee limited

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    03 cobra 10th anniversary
    steeda s/c pulley
    diablosport chip
    full exhuast

    93 probe gt
    stright pipes

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    Trained in the art of psi Krazed's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    My Boost technique is strong, you are no match!


    Ride 95’ Integra gsr-t 4 dr

    Under The Hood
    Cp 9:1 pistons
    Cp rings
    Carillo a beam rods
    Race engineering block guard
    Arp head studs
    Aprmain studs
    Cometic high boost head gasket
    Turbonetics To4E 57 stage 5, .63 a/r wet housing custom turbo
    Spearco intercooler
    Turbonetics raptor bov
    Turbonetics Evolution wastegate
    Exedy stage 2 race clutch
    Apex'I N1 Turboback Exhaust
    DEI Cryo2 kit (fuel bar, intercooler sprayer, Purge kit)
    Upgraded high flow radiator
    Wahlboro 255 in tank fuel pump
    (4) 550cc primary injectors
    (2) 440cc secondary injectors
    Hondata s200
    MSD coil
    MSD dist. cap

    5Zigen copse 17x8
    Parada spec 2- 215/40/17

    Jdm dc2 headlights/front end conv.
    Ings Front bumper
    Invader c/f hood
    M3 sideskirts
    Kombat rear bumper
    Aerogear z3 fenders
    Custom paint by DP MOTORSPORTS
    JDM Headlights (from Honda)

    Corbeau CR1 Seats
    Acc carpet
    MOMO commando special edition steering wheel
    Short throw

    Panasonic head unit
    PowerBase upgraded speakers
    Soundstream 4 channel amp

    im pretty sure i forgot some shit though, ill post dyno #s up soon!
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    Please tell me you're tuning with something other than the AFC or that fuel injector controller or whatever it was that you used on the blowen up engine

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    Trained in the art of psi Krazed's Avatar
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    My Boost technique is strong, you are no match!


    lol yeah.... i have a haltech e6x, but i might go hondata instead i havnt decided yet.

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    2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege, bad as it needs to be 8)

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    03 accord ex sedan. automatic. dont really have the money for mods, but i doubt id do anything to it anyways.
    the bike is stock for now, but im lookin into gettin it jetted and maybe take it down a sprocket or something. maybe some new pipes later in the summer

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    02 RSX Type-Slow

    I gots Vtech does that count?

    Had a short ram but sounded meh so i put stock airbox back in.

    So ya im Stock Hopefully not for long.
    I think im still welcomed here

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    2k1 GSR
    ingen cold air intake
    Greddy EVO Exhaust
    type R tranny
    Toyo rubber

    Shes my baby
    2k1 GSR

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