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Thread: New Accord Picture Thread...(Update)

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    need help with idea for my accord peeps help a hoinda tuner out

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    just a few of the local honda scene

    also adding a few other bits and pieces....

    getting it lowered and rims sorted out for summertime hopefully!

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    My 2001 EX Coupe V6
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    Here is mine. Actually it is my wife's car(she made me say that)

    '91 Accord EX

    I just got my hands on another coupe, but unlike hers, mine is a manual transmission.
    ( it is very abused, and needs a LOT of work.)

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    new front plate

    new civic type r seats fitted

    new manifold

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    hey where did you find the front lip kit for that gray 98/00 accord in that picture

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    Default '95 Accord Wagon

    143k Miles. Just bought for $1,200. (less than blackbook)

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    Default 1994 cpe

    pearl baby!
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    I just bought my first Accord (third Honda) this weekend. Pics are from the dealer I purchased it at. I haven't had a chance to take any yet. I'll be tinting the windows in the next couple weeks. I might get some new wheels for it eventually, but otherwise I'm leaving it stock.

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    Default 90 EX

    2 days after I bought it. All damn day on tint and wheels. Oh so much more to come. PM me with any suspension or perfomance combos on these models.

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    Here's a pic of my big old Japanese barge, a UK Accord 2.4 Type-S

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    Honda Accord SiR CF4... or you guys call it JDM

    1998 Honda Accord SiR (CF4) | Tein coilover | Euro R + Mugen kit | Fujitsubo exhaust | The +/- transmission sucks.

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    Heres my work in progress

    Heres my super fast engine lol

    Heres my awesome top of the line headunit lol

    heres the 2 12s i got crammed in the back

    lastly the stock interior

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    Just picked this up on Monday...

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    head unit & JL audio tweeters & speakers

    brother's old rims

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    deevergote where did you get those headlights?

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    So I have to make 15 posts before I can post my lovely hondas?!

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    Like it. Accords got style.
    95 Accord Coupe
    Aem Short Ram
    JDM Headers Stainless
    JDM Full CatBack 2.5" straight side exit Exhaust
    Silla All aluminum radiator W/ oil cooler
    Much more to come

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