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    dont buy anyhting from there i bought a intake from them and it took over a month for them to actually ship it to me

    i wanted a cheap intake to put on my hf engine scince when i bought it it had the stock hose with a sock on it(thats right). so i went online and bought a zero1racing intake (it just needed to work i wasnt looking for performance) i bought it for 40 dollars and free shipping, but then i find out there is a 10 dollar handeling fee. so im like "ok fine whatever". they say it'll be at my house in 5-7 days a week later i call them up and they say i never placed the order(wich is bullshit i got a confermation printout+email) so im like "fine whatever can i place the order now on the phone?" the guys like "sure" so i place the order there and he syas "you shgould get your package in 5-7 bussiness days. 2 week later i call them up like wtf!? and they say "o we are out of stock of the item you were requesting, but we should be reciving a new shipment either tomarow or the day after so you should get you package in 5-9 bussiness days" im still pissed but im like "as long as it gets here ". 10 days later i call them up again and im screaming my ass off bitching at them like ive never bitched before and the udes like "im terribley sorry sir ill upgrade you to a vibrant intake and we will ship it tomarrow". the next day i call and ask where my pakage is scince they can track it he says its in texas (they are based in ohio and they are shipping it to californina) i find that kinda odd. i call the next day and i ask for the tracking number he tells me to hold on and he puts me on hold for a hella long ass time (i have a head set so i dont care i was doing other shit online) he finally get back to me with a tracking number. later that night i lookup the tracking number and it just left o-fucking-hio. im really pissed off that i was lied to so many times. it finally got here and it was upgraded but it didnt really fit right i was able to cram it in there though(i think it was made for a later model civic and not a crx but im not sure about that) it was a whole buncha bullshit!
    just telling you guys so any of you dont get burned like i got burned.
    has this hapened to anyone els? or is it just me? has anyone els orderd from speedpeople?

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    same thing happen to me with my corner lights, then when i get it.. THEY DONT FIT!!! ARG

    Wrecked ^^ ;(

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    how afiliated are you with vectornracing? can you get me hookups? hookups are cool man!

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    Yeah im sponsored by vector. cept, now i dont think i can get hookups for anyone.. b/c all there cars in impounded.... cept two.. me and the leader

    Wrecked ^^ ;(

    Current Project: 1988 CRX Si = B18b Turbo

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    ^^ that suxz
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    This is why I don't shop Online.

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    ^^ Thats why u pay to much for shops.

    I get everything under cost or at cost.

    Im a very furgal person and im cheaper then shit, but when i see a good deal, i jump on it. + Deals Online are better, u save so much money

    But shops do have there + side, u have a recorse to go 2, if something goes wrong. leo did u even install your own intake?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quad-Damage
    ^^ Thats why u pay to much for shops.

    leo did u even install your own intake?
    Ah, you have so much to learn my son. I pay LESS than online prices at Import shops because I only go shops that give me a "Hook Up". Think about bro. On my Teg I had a Supercharger, springs, Shocks, Intake Exhaust, Hi flow cat, ACT clutch, Drag Tires, Custom Paint, Custom Interior, and Dyno tuning. You think I got all that shit online? Fuuuuuck no. I got ALL hat shit local. Think about it, that's over $5000 worth of shit that I've spent all over town at these import shops. I spent soo much money over the years that almost any shop I walk into loves me. I paid for their dams kids lunch money shit they better love me. So now all I gotta do is walk in and I get treated a lot of respect and get REALLY good deals. Ever noticed that when you walk into an import shop the owner is really friendly with certain guys that have a Super fixed up car? Hmm, I wonder why? I wonder where he bought all those parts from? I walk saying “I saw this & this part online line for this price” and they usually MATCH or BEAT it. Sounds to me like you need a Honda Hook Up bro.

    BTW, an Intake is just a filter on a stick. Of course I put it on. My uncle is a Porsche Mechanic and works at the Porsche dealership in Burlingame. His boss is cool and let me ans him stay late so we could do the install. Fun as hell. The whole shop was closed and my S2000 was looking all Bling Bling on the Porsche rack. 6 beers and an extra large pizza later and we had the AEM Intake installed.

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    Good Shit, but i still get shit cheaper then shops can.
    Can we say a Greddy Turbo Kit for 1400 Shipped, Thats CHEAPER then Greddy Dealers Can get them. Hookup Price is 1489 most place

    The shops around here, are ok, but still overpriced, i tryed get good with them, but we all anit ballin like leo
    i suck dick for cock faggots. i love it! my mom also sucks dick for coke but only niggga dick

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    Default overcharge you? make sure they didnt charge you like 3 times or some bs...
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