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    hey i have a stock D16z6 in my car .. the engine is still low in mileage (70k) .. I feel that i just cant swap it out ... ive always liked forced induction .. i'm beginning to see that a supercharger would be better for my engine then the previous thoughts of turbo (i always loved a nice turbo) has anyone here supered a SOHC vtec?... and if u have who makes a good charger .. ive only seen jackson (not cheap at all tho about 3k)
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    I had a friend with a JRSC and I handed him his ass all the time after I spooled up. They're quick off the line though....
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    jackson is the only kit for the sohc motors, that i know of. so unless there is some obscure company, then thats it. turbo>supercharger on a honda imo. you'll have some traction issues with the supercharger.

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    turbo>supercharger on a honda imo.
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    Turbo also requires a lot more work...a supercharger is a good mod if you wnat more power and keep it reliable

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    supercharged cars only put down around the 140 to 150hp range, for around 7 psi, with a turbo on the same motor u would see much more power, and u can up boost to get more, out of the same motor. I wanted to supercharge my d series, but looking at the price and power that you get, it's such a waste of money.
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    i like the sound of the ease and reliablity of a super .. with a turbo on a single cam i would never boost over 10 regardless because i wouldnt be doing the heavy motor work.. JRSC claims a definate 40%+ ..and im sure they are speaking in terms of 5/6 psi .. thats a 50 hp gain .. i thought it sounded good? lol keep in mind a turbo fan ..always was.. but super sounded like the better way for a single cam
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    I knew a supercharged 00 EX and it was slow as shit. Best time with a 10 lbs. pulley was 14.7. I'll take snail boost any day.

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    snail boost....hehehe i love that term.

    turbo it...ive heard alot of people talk the jsrc down. and i knew a guy with a 00 si coupe who was only hittin high 14's with the jsrc on the b16a

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    The JRSC isn't worth the money or time.
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    thanks for the opinions guys .. i guess i stick with the turbo idea then .. but i know i wouldnt be able to do any work to my motor .. all id be able to afford is a greddy and an intercooler by the time i save up .. with that id prolly blow my motor eventually ..
    1987 Porsche 944

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    just get a GReddy turbo kit.

    Its basically bolt-on if u know what ur doing.

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    i thought that turbos had a lot more lag than superchargers....i thought if u wanted reliability u go with a supercharger..i thought if u wanted more power u go with a one actually better than the other?

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    supposedly someone ran high 11's low 12's, with a d16z6 eg bored out to a 1.8l and a Jackson Racing Supercharger, can you bore out a z6 to a 1.8 safely? max you could go?

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