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Thread: greddy header installed

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    $300 shipped from

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    $300 shipped from
    92 Integra Rs for sale =*(
    92 #665 Aztec Green Integra Gs-R for sale =*(
    05 milano red RSX Type S

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    i've had my greddy header in for almost a year now and it's a got an oil can type finish on it, its bronzish with lots of different colors mixed in, i think it looks better after you've had it longer
    I plan on living forever, so far so good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by another_civic
    I didn't ask the yr. but it was this generation:

    all black, dual borla exhaust...
    nice, those are like mid-low 15 second cars stock...not that fast, hehe good run tho 8)

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    Do you have any still available? Can you send photos of the pin header. I dont really need it modded. I know there is a space issue for header pins so im just curious if my cable will work.

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