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Thread: d16z6 wireing

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    Any 1 has the d16z6 motor off the 92-95 civic in thier crx>? i am doing the same swap, i am using the 92-95 civic vtec ecu also and having problem wireing it up. has any 1 done this b4 wa is the easiest way to wire it up>???

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    I am using a 92 LS Integra computer with a rpm actuated VTEC switch (tach with shift light). Works great and I can adjust the VTEC point for driving or racing. IF u want more info let me know.

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    hit me up either thru AIM or this sites PM. I know where to get that harness for less then $100. You plug it in to your stock wiring, then plug it into the P28. All thats left to do after that, is run the Vtec wires from the ecu to the silinoid, and thats it. Let me know if your interested

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    i got a 88 crx dx would this wire harness still work

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    yes but you have to talk to the dude about it. email me and i'll give you his info

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    hey CRX_91SI PM mee the guy with the harness Email address or send me the info, at [email protected]

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    Can y'all help me with my crx dx ..i put a obd1 motor from a 95 crx is a 89 dx..i need a wiring diagram for engine harness obd0.. I got jumper harness for ecu..made a harness for my a crakka out! I do have obd0 /obd1 dizzy jumper.. SOS!

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