1) Individual comments effecting sexual orientation (homosexuality etc.), and race or religion will not be toletrated. No racial slurs or comments, this is a very strict and touchey subject as the diversity in here is emmense. This includes comments about ones parents or family members. Not all of us have parents, and for those who only have one know how tough it is already without some idiot reminding you by saying "your mom ...", or other negative comments.

2) Off topic subjects will be deleted or sent to the lounge.

3) No ATTN: _________ posts will be allowed. If you post one, and come back to find nothing, not even a shadow of it locked, assume it was deleted and use the "PM FEATURE". Its a good feature, and saves you from embarrasment.

4) Whoring is a very popular thing to do on this board. The usual "in before the lock" or filling up the screen with smilies will not be tolerated anymore. The use of smilies is for people that want to express something they cant say through words and is not meant to fill the screen with these retna burning images.

5) Use the search button.

All rules have exceptions which will be decided by me