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Thread: Rims and Tires.. i think they match?

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    Hey I was planning on getting Enkei CDR9 18" x 7" rims. Oviously the nest step would be to get tires and i think i am gunna get Pirelli P7000 Super Sport 225/40/18. First off how do I find out if this rim will fit with the tire? and second.. how do i find out if this tire is to wide and will rub the fender?.. thanks

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    I just recently found out what the hell those numbers meant. If they are 7 inches wide, you will need 215's.
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    get there number
    order the 18 inch wheels WITH tires balanced and everything
    for 999. 17s are 799.
    and shipping max is 100. if you can beat that deal then give me a holla :grin: :grin: :grin:
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    Hey, Did you get your rims yet? I'm Have CDR9's with 215-35-18. The shop I got them at said I couldn't go with 225-40-18's. If you did get your rims and tires, let me know how they worked out...



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