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Thread: GSR exauzt info..need help

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    i am gonna get a gsr soon. and i do plan on turbo charging it in the future..i am a newbie to this..and correct me if i sound like an ass. but i just want to know whats the best performance wise..i dont give a chit about sound, i'd rather have a quiet one really. but what is the best complete exaust kit for the gsr, it should be a 98 gsr,and i plan on getting a dc header and ice box cold air system..and i do plan on turbocharging, or adding nos to it in the future so which one works well with those :???:
    also thanx again peeps :wink:

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    First off, don't get headers if you plan on turboing the gsr, you have to get a new exhaust manifold for the turbo, so it would be a waste of money.

    for performance, all the 'name' brands are all about the same, but the straighter the better. In my experience of working on cars, i've found that Tanabe, HKS, and Apex make the 'straightest' manderal (<-- sp?) bent exhausts, which flow the best, which means you get the most hp.
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    ok, so dont get the header your telling me i need new exaust manifold..ok ,but another question will it effect my car if i get the new manifold and then get the turbo like 4 months later.,i guess what i am saying is ,is it ok for me to get the new manifold asap. then later down the road get the turbo..also could you give me some great names for turbo chargers for the gsr and also exaust manifold names. or where i can find them at a cheep cost, i know its not cheep, but any decrease is better for me money wise. but, you do get what you pay i just need you to help me i guess.
    give me some website where i can get this stuff aat a good price .. :smile:
    thanks again :wink:

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    greddy, revhard, drag. these are all good turbo companies. and the exhaust manifold u need for the turbo will come w/ the kit. so dont get one now.

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    The exhaust manifold is what runs the turbo and it can only be used with the turbo and you cant run just the manifold for a turbo, because it will have a hole in it for the turbo.

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    an exhaust manifold looks like a header but is really short (ends about half way down the radiator) and isn't something you can run without a turbo.

    Greddy, Rev Hard, DragGEN, F-Max (i think), and apex. All are good turbo kits.

    The cheapest is probably DragGEN, but imo, you get what you pay for.

    It is possible to build a custom kit, but usually it is more expensive in the end.

    In the end, with installation...etc, you will be looking at around 4grand for a turbo.

    I hope this helps some.
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    ok, thanx man. i really appreciate you helping me and all, knowing im a newbie n stuff. most people mock the newbie and poke fun of me cause i know nothing. but your kool for that.also i have decided to go GReddy with it..
    now. tell me what GReddy kit i need...if there is more than one.. i got about 1400 right now..and ill save up until i get the gsr, which will be in about 4 1/2 more months.. i should have atleast 3400 by tell me thie kit that isnt to much and isnt to cheep and iS NOs-> friendly.
    once again thanx man.. also to you have aim..or anyone that reads this post have aim so we could talk further detail about this and probaly more about the gsr...
    im me at DyeCockerKid187...alsoe-mail me at that [email protected] :???:

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    sorry. i accidentaly double posted..

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