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Thread: 96 civic hard accelerator pedal

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    Default 96 civic hard accelerator pedal

    i have a 96 civic ex coupe, ever since i bought it, the accelerator pedal has always been hard and sometimes the cruise control wont keep up becuase of that (i assume).... but cruise control is not the point.... my point is, do you guys also have this problem and how do you fix it. i have taken it twice to a shop, but it will last only about a week with the pedal soft. what do you guys suggest?
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    Default Stiff Throttle Pedal

    Check the linkage at the throttle body, see if the spring or throttle plate is binding, or too stiff. If so, you're problem is in the throttle body. I'm going to assume that your throttle body is ok, though (i've never heard of a problem with a throttle body in this regard). The next step will be to replace the throttle cable. This should resolve any issues that you're having.

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