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Thread: Favorite Game of All Time?

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    Favorite game of all time? Pokemon Yellow will always have a place in my heart, only seconded by Pokemon Gold and Silver.

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    Add Cuphead to my list of favorite games. It's a tough game, but fun overall.

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    Which God of War? The latest PS entry or the older ones?

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    I played lots of games but my fav at the moment is definitely Destiny 2. I know a lot of tricks to get quite an outstanding gaming experience I am used to getting such things for some little money And believe me, this is like playing 2 different games with these items and ithout them.
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    Crash Bandicoot 1
    Its a true pain to finish the game, but if you want to get the gems...
    no deaths all crates in one run
    thats insane, but not impossible

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    This is actually a very interesting concept. Ill have to see how it goes saddly i cant afford the software so i cant play it, but It sounds like a very good game you have in the making

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    Cant really remember what old game gave me the most trouble. I remember I couldnt get far in Driver 2 PSX, but I was a really bad gamer back then.

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