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Thread: Need a chop...not sure what i should buy...

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    Default Need a chop...not sure what i should buy...

    I need you to turn this civic with the sniper kit to white, with a carbon fiber hood (Im also including my sad attempt) oh and some mako fenders if its possible.

    and my sad attempt at carbon fiber hood.


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    prolly no choppers on 2night, will check back l8ter

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    Here ya go
    I did a quick job so u may notice a lil green still.
    and the hood isn't my best either

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    Dang thats kinda tight, i think ill go with that...thanks man
    Thanks again

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    Could anyone turn the first picture white pearl (like Momoses color) with a carbon fiber hood, so i can get an idea of what the whole thing would look like....and also if its not a trouble some Z3 fenders would help also.

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    bumped again, plz help

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    probally not tottaly what you wantd...need pics of z3 fenders im too lazy to go look and i suck at cf hoods heh

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    you don't have to bump something that's only about 6 or 7 posts down the page.

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    You bumped it every 5 hours. Just be patient.
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