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    How hard would it be to put a 2jz-gte engine from a supra, yeah the twin turbo into a crx, can i do it and make it front wheel drive or can i get a suspension/ drive train from an s2000 and make this work somehow???? If anyone knows anything intelligent about this plz let me know.

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    Whoa. You have many problems with this idea son. First is money if you can get past that huge hurdle. you have to look at the practicality(reality check) of this The motor and tranny weigh pretty much more than the car. so you gonna have to do some serious suspension upgrade just to keep the thing from scraping 24/7. Theres no way your gonna get a HOnda tranny on a nissan so you can scrap that idea. And if you wanna make the front end longer or move the fire wall back one foot go ahead But realistically it aint gonna happen
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    Thats one of the stupidest things i've ever heard. You're jsut another adam; just what the world needs. With enough money anything is possible, but not always feasible. If you want a 2jz-gte then get a Supra, or if you want an s2000 suspension GET AN S2000!

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    Default fwd?

    Would it be possible for the supra engine to become front wheel drive??? If so, will i loose hp?

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    dude, these guys were nicely telling you to SHUT UP, you're a noob...shhhh
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    Easiest way to do that is to drag them from the Raid tab onto your screen individually, and position them how you want.

    Im not aware of any addon that does this.

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    Would it be possible for the supra engine to become front wheel drive??? If so, will i loose hp?

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