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    What is wrong with the search function? It hasn't been working like it was a few months ago. I can't find shit if I search for it anymore.

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    works fine for me, whats wrong with it for you

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    OK, lets take an example: "hot girls"

    there were like 6-7 threads with that title. type that in the search field and search, tell me what u get with either the "Search for any terms or use query as entered" or "Search all terms" option.

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    awhenever i search for something, it finds more than one page of search results..and when i click past page 1, it tells me "no topics meet your search criteria". is anyone else having that problem???

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    Bomex wrote:
    is there a discount or something if u groupbuy???
    lol, im famous!
    I have car. It slow. Help me.

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    Works for me yo? Youz trippin!!!!
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