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Thread: Accord 03 K20A6 rolling idle question

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    Default Accord 03 K20A6 rolling idle question

    Sorry for my english, but I will try to explane my problem.

    I have been "struggling" with the following problem for several weeks:

    As it cooled, that is the morning temperatures dropped below 15 degrees, the revs of the car (Honda Accord 7 2.0) behaved in a more stable manner.

    I started the car and stuck at 1100 to 1200 rpm. Starting and releasing from speed, the revs go up to 1700 - 1800 rpm. The same thing happens when stopping at a traffic light, for example, releasing from speed before stopping the car picks up revs again.

    The strange thing is that if the car is at rest, the revolutions are like in the textbook - it starts at 1100-1200 rpm revolutions, it warms up and the revolutions drop to 700 rpm (without consumers included).

    So far it has been done:

    - Throttle cleaning

    - IACV cleaning

    - View all vacuums

    - TPS measurement - 0.5V, tried at 0.48V - zero effect.

    - The inlet temperature and throttle position sensors work correctly.

    - The valves were adjusted about 8,000 kilometers ago.

    The revs don't play, it just keeps them stable

    So I'm asking for opinions if something like this has happened to anyone.

    Thanks in advance for the answers
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    Have you sorted out your problem? If no I guess I could help you!

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