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Thread: Exhaust system clean.

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    Default Exhaust system clean.

    Hi guys

    I've got a 2007 mk7 2.2 Accord facelift.

    I would like to fit a tuning box to it. But before that I would like to clean out the whole exhaust system. I would like to get all the carbon and soot out of the system, so the tuning box gives the car the maximum out put.

    Ok would be grateful if someone could give me a list of parts that need cleaned out, e g. the EGR.

    And maybe the turbo blades.

    But what I am really looking for is how to give the car a right good clean out.

    Much appreciated, thanks.

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    You should try to check Youtube for reference. I am not sure how it will go since I don't have an MK but I hope that it will be successful polishing.

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    It would be cool if you share the procedure you did.

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    Default -

    I just bought a 70 F100 302/auto that needs a new exhaust system.

    Ive been trying to find a bolt-in kit but seems they all specify FE big blk only or "except 302"

    any ideas on who might sell a complete kit for the 302 ?

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