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Thread: Bad fuel filter? Injectors? Bad Gas? Car won't run, help please!

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    Default Bad fuel filter? Injectors? Bad Gas? Car won't run, help please!

    2004 Acura RSX type S with 290K miles

    Here are the symptoms:
    In winter of 2020 my alternator went out. Before I could get the part to replace it, my car was buried in snow and stayed that way for the winter (I don't have a garage or even a driveway or a paved street, so very difficult to do car repairs in winter.)

    When the snow had melted out enough in April to clear enough access to work on the car, I installed new alternator. That went great and everything seemed perfect with my beloved RSX.

    Then, a few weeks later, I was driving on a local highway and started losing power. I had to drop from 6th to 5th to 4th and 3rd as the power kept dropping, just to keep it running.

    Pulled off the road, happened to be near a friend's house, had him tow my car to his house. While waiting for my friend, I tried starting the car, it started just fine and immediately cut out.

    Spent a couple weeks getting my truck fixed.

    Went and picked up my car. Started up, drove onto the tow dolley, towed it home, started right up, drove off the tow dolley and parked it.

    A while later when I had time to start dealing with this, I started it up to see what would happen. Started right up and immediately died.

    Car has now spent another winter buried in snow and unused.

    So it seems any number of things could be going on:

    1. spark plugs- but it starts up fine, and hard to imagine all four plugs would die at once. Car should run on three cylinders if one plug was out.

    2. Doesn't seem like anything electrical. All electrical systems basically seem fine.

    3. Seems to me like I am not getting fuel.

    4. So could this be caused by a clogged fuel filter? I have no idea if the fuel filter has ever been changed and that is something I plan to do.

    5. Could the gas have degraded enough to not sustain combustion, especially now that the car has gone unused for almost 18 months or so?

    What else might explain why it fires right up and then immediately cuts out? What could explain the original problem of losing power until it eventually shut down while driving?

    Thanks for any input or help!

    ps no error codes of any kind were thrown.
    although I have been getting "catalytic converter not working optimally" code for two years now and need to replace my cat. Could that somehow cause this?

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    Default -

    So just traded for this ef sedan past owner said it would run for a couple miles then shut off and take about 4 minutes to start again I was thinking it sounded like a ignition issue or fuel pump any one have any ideas or have this issue before also said it needed a tps which I just ordered

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