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    Hey there,
    New to the board but not new to cars. Been wrenching a long time.

    My wife just bought a 2009 Accord LX. She loves it. The issue I have is that part of the instrument panel doesnít light up at night. I posted some pictures of what is going on. I have done a ton of research and none of it makes me think this is a simple fuse issue. If you can point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative.


    Unfortunately I am not able to post a picture yet since I am new. So, I will keep posting replies until I reach the threshold.

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    Just replying to see if I can add the pictures...

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    hey thanks blownteggy that worked like a if there was nething wrong with the engine the light would just turn back on but since it didnt then everything should be fine??

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