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Thread: Honda Accord Mk7 2004 cdti Model

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    Hello all, I am new here please to meet you on this forum. I just bought my very first Honda Accord Mk7 2004 cdti. I have some issues with it whichmaybe you guys can help me. The first thing was Lh lower ball joint and wheel came off but that is sorted

    Issue 1 Vsa and abs lights come on intermittent not always.
    Issue 2 I need Service manual to replace Timing chain because the engine has a whining noise.

    Thank You for your Help


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    I own a 1988 Honda Accord LX with a carburetor; When I start the car, it races at 2200 rpm but when the engine is finally warm the idle drops like a rock to just above zero; It runs at that level and doesnt recover. Why wont my engine idle between 900-1,000 rpm?

    Thank you.

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