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Thread: The Game Awards 2020

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    Default The Game Awards 2020

    Oh yeah! The Game Awards for this year will be held on December 11, 2020. Mark your calendars, fellas.
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    So, who do you think will win 2020's GotY?

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    I've just realized something, TLoU 2 is a nominee, right? The story sucks so I wouldn't bet on that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NilesGarvin View Post
    I've just realized something, TLoU 2 is a nominee, right? The story is bad so I wouldn't bet on that game.My personal award would go to WoW, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Cold War simply because I can via Despize make my gaming a lot more entertaining by delegating my routine in the games to other players
    I think that my personal award would go to PUBG and Destiny 2
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    This event is over, I heard that Among Us won some awards. Valkyrae is the content creator of the year.

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    The hardest game i played on the classic consoles, hmm let me think. It would be Lucky Luck for the SNES. I was stuck at the first lvl for many years.

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    umm....hardest game on a classic console...I would say Battletoads, because there were many obstacles you had to overcome with almost no warning....BTW, this game was on the NES

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    If you liked the game then its fine for it to be on your Game of the Year list. It doesnt matter if its "terrible" if you liked it then it can be on a list like this. Really, whether a game is good or bad is mostly subjective anyway.

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    Hmm. The hardest game Ive ever played, or beaten?

    Probably Shogo MAD on the toughest level. On level 1 its simple. By the time you get to respawn kinda modes, its near impossible.

    Its also arguably my favorite game

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    Cant really remember what old game gave me the most trouble. I remember I couldnt get far in Driver 2 PSX, but I was a really bad gamer back then.

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    I think PUBG should have got this award
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