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Thread: 2k games sneaks in unskippable ad in NBA 2k21.

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    Default 2k games sneaks in unskippable ad in NBA 2k21.

    Yup, the recent NBA games have been trash, and this is no different, all thanks to 2k. Watch YongYea's recent video on YouTube and you'll understand what I mean.

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    2k replied to the backlash, and my oh my! It was a load of hogwash!

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    Yup, 2k games never learns. Such a huge BS of a company.

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    Well, there you have it, I called it, and YongYea would make another video about these clowns:

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    For anyone who's wondering, here's the official Tweet from 2k games:

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    Default -

    Can we have a Wii and related crap thread as well please.

    ps well done Harv, I was sure spelling a word backwards would have been your undoing

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