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Thread: Starter replacement cost - 2005 Accord V6 - ???

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    Default Starter replacement cost - 2005 Accord V6 - ???

    During a visit with my son who lives in another part of the state, he told me his car doesn't start. It just clicks, he says. Well, he was right. It sounds to me to be the starter. I would normally come to the rescue but the car is in a parking space in his apartment complex parking lot, and my tools and garage are a hundred or so miles away. We got it towed to a Honda dealer local to him - we don't know of any other place to go, and towing it to my place is counter-productive. We had no choice as he needs the car for school and work.


    Is this $900 repair cost crazy?, or is this about right or am I out of the loop?


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    You can see the starter from the top of the engine its below on the right side to the left of the battery. My guess Stealership is charging you labor to get to it. One way is to remove the battery and all the plastic around it including the air intake resonator chamber and fender lining and reach in there with long extension. Other way is to take out the battery and all the plastic, drain the radiator and take of the top radiator hoses to get to it cleanly. Plus the new honda OEM starter also cost about $400 give or take compared to a rebuilt.

    Im sure if you had your tools, with extensions and swivel joints you could get to the starter pretty easily after removing the battery and knock this out yourself in about an hour. Its a lot easier to get too on the V6 than the 4 banger. Personally i'd buy a new ratchet, extension and a 17mm socket and go at it, start up a new tool set for your son why not...he's got to learn sometime

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