Hello all and thanks for having me, what a very cool concept and I’m really looking forward to participating. I’ve found there’s few places better than when with a big group of people who all have something important in common (e.g. sporting event, political rally, family reunion etc)

I’ve had a91 accord for 5 years and have come so far to the Honda side that my fiancé and I just got an 06 CRV...we have also had an 03 accord and a 13 civic..we are definitely a Honda family... over the last two or three years I’ve finally got my hands dirty (having a master mechanic next door don’t hurt)... he told me a while back that “you’re not just a part-replacer, you’re a mechanic”... very proud moment... still learning, but loving it... I’m looking forward to learning from some of y’all as well... thanks for letting me in!!

J in Georgia