I am working on a 2007 Honda Accord V6 3.0 VTEC engine with 170K miles. Belongs to the son of a friend of mine. Timing belt broke. Got codes P0300 to P0306 and also codes for bad CKP and CMP. Followed service manual instructions to replace CKP, CMP, Water Pump, Pulleys and Timing belt. Made sure that the timing marks on the crankshaft and both front and rear camshaft pulleys are lined up. Installed the timing belt. Rotated engine by hand several time to make sure the timing marks are lining up every time for TDC. Closed it up. Upon starting it gave me a P0301 DTC. Checked that I am getting a spark in Cyl 1 also checked that Injector is firing. Read in manual that a CKP Pattern Clear/CKP pattern relearn needs to be done. I do not have an HDS but have ODB Auto Doctor on my laptop. Is there a way other than using HDS to get the ECM primed to do a pattern relearn?

Thank for any/all suggestions.