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Thread: CRX front wheel bearing loose?

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    Default CRX front wheel bearing loose?

    I replaced the front wheel bearings on my '88 CRX HF within the last 1000 miles. One side is now loose, in that the wheel will wobble in/out when the wheel is off the ground and you push on the top/bottom of the tire, not much but obvious movement. There is no end play on the bearing. No problem with the other side. On the loose side there is grease on the top of the tie rod below the bearing, which to me indicates overheating in the bearing.

    Any thoughts on what could be wrong - bad bearing, or perhaps installed incorrectly? Not much to installation other than pressing race and bearing into place.

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    Default CRX front wheel bearing loose

    Just a heads up for all.
    On my longez. Noticed during preflight check that my nose wheel seemed to have some play. OK, so the the split wheel bolt are loose. Nope, they were all fine. Then noticed that the wheel would wobble with the bearing still looking good on the axel bolt.
    Guess a fligh does not look good for today. Pulled the front wheel and disassembled it and found the bearing holder was cracked all around.
    Only thing I think that may have contributed to this is had a front wheel flat about two months ago. And yes it looked fine then.
    Just be sure to check it as it would not be fun to have it fail on landing.

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