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Thread: No power at door switch

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    Default No power at door switch

    Hi everyone, newbie here, i have a 93 civic hatchback i just bought about a month ago, the kid i bought it from said he tried to install a alarm, but couldn't figure it out so he took it out. Now when you open the passenger door the dome light comes on, but it you open the drivers door, the dome light don't come on, i tried switching the door switch's, the driver switch works on the passenger side, but not the driver side. And the passenger switch works on the passenger but not the driver, i checked the wire on the driver door at the switch and it has no power, but when i check the passenger side switch it has power to it, the switch on the light works as it should, just have a problem with the driver door not turning on the dome light when open. Thanks

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    Chek if there may b any fuse for door switches may b? or may b door switch wire is damaged.

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    Did you ever find out what was causing the loss of power?

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    You can check out a couple of video on Youtube or read articles all over Google to find a solution to this problem.

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    Many power window door switches simply pry out of their fixtures in the door panel. The trick is to pop out the switch without scratching or damaging. If there is no continuity then the problem will be with the door switch and replacement might be needed.

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    Default -

    Can you tell me if the panels in the back seat of a 70/71 torino GT fit in a torino 500? I am pretty certain the door panels will work, but what about the
    ones in the back seat?


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    Would this be Ken Holloway from the Network54 forum?

    Anyway, no GT panel will fit in a hardtop.
    If its a fastback 500 you are fine.

    Door panels will work but the arm rests/standoffs are longer in a 71 than a 70

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