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Thread: 89' Cluster Swap woes..

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    Default 89' Cluster Swap woes..

    Hey! Just recently got a 89' Civic DX. Got a cluster of the same year with a Tach. Installed new cluster and what do you know tach doesn't work. I know that the wiring to the cluster is pin B11 and is blue, I also know that the blue wire running off the Distributor is the wire that runs to the cluster. Clearly there is a short somewhere but after a ton of searching and reviewing the wiring diagrams I can't seem to find where the wire goes from the distributor. The wiring diagram just has a line that goes trait from the distributor to the cluster. There is no way it just appears through the firewall without going through another plug. Any clues would be helpful in tracing this. I'm not trying to just run another wire and solder things, I'd rather find the break and repair it properly.

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    Also, I have checked continuity between both shock tower plugs and the blue wire on the distributor plug with no results

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    Default 89 Cluster Swap woes

    Hi i recently broke by na6 cluster by accidently dropping it
    So i sourced one with similiar km but it only goes up to 180km/h which means its from a import
    If i swap the 220km/h face from my old broken cluster will it still work properly?

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