I'm going to need to repair some front end damage, and wondered how interchangeable parts were from one body type to another. Mine is a 2003 EX coupe.
In particular, can I use a headlight assembly from a sedan? and do the trim levels matter at all? I eventually may have questions about other parts (hood, hood hinges, bumper, grill, not sure what else at this point) but I know I'm going to need a new headlight. also, is there a parts site that will reliably tell me what models use the same part, so that I can do the research and not have to constantly badger the community here? Basically one where I would search for the right part for my car, and then the site would say something like "this part is compatible with the following ..." I've seen it for some stuff, but haven't run across anywhere that consistently does it for my Civic. Of course, I haven't had to replace body panels before.