HI - my accord 90 ( uk model ) June 1990 - has the headlights as twin. ie one main H4 472 dim dip bulb - plus an extra main beam 60 watt ( which automatically comes on when on full beam ) ie dip beam - outer light dip - main beam - outer light main beam - and - extra main beam 60w

I have checked many versions of the workshop manual - and none of them give a wiring diagram for these lights - or show the unit that has two bulbs ?
Nothing is wrong as such - just I had a dodgey plug connetor I would like to change out - so started looking at wiring diagrams ?
The full 91 - 93 manual shows a headlight with one dim dip beam - and 93 is different again.
Is this a hangover from the 89 - that was ditched in 91. Odd ?

Any info much appreciated.