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    HI - my accord 90 ( uk model ) June 1990 - has the headlights as twin. ie one main H4 472 dim dip bulb - plus an extra main beam 60 watt ( which automatically comes on when on full beam ) ie dip beam - outer light dip - main beam - outer light main beam - and - extra main beam 60w

    I have checked many versions of the workshop manual - and none of them give a wiring diagram for these lights - or show the unit that has two bulbs ?
    Nothing is wrong as such - just I had a dodgey plug connetor I would like to change out - so started looking at wiring diagrams ?
    The full 91 - 93 manual shows a headlight with one dim dip beam - and 93 is different again.
    Is this a hangover from the 89 - that was ditched in 91. Odd ?

    Any info much appreciated.

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    OK - mystery partly solved. I have only two wires to the H4 472 dim dip bulb - the Honda fitted plug is blank on the third lug ( right High ) -ie - I have Black ( -12v ) and Red/green stripe wires only. This is as the drawing for dim - and fits the H4 472 pinout ( ie neg left - high right - dim top )

    So basically this set up is using H4 472 bulb - but only on dim - high beam is on the other bulb.

    This clears my confusion - ie I thought when I was on main that - the dim dip bulb was going to main beam and the other was coming on.
    It seems when on main beam - outer bulb stays on dip - plus the main beam as well - ie twin on main beam. The high beam on the H4 472 bulb is not used ? This figures - as the old blown bulb I changed was oddly pristine on one element - which at the time seemed odd.

    I still have not seen a wiring diagram that shows this set up - and maybe it was used very briefly - so didn't get in the manual ? Certainly - the 91 shop manual show a headlight unit with one dim dip bulb only with three wires ?

    I have two bulb in each unit - each with their rubber boots etc - each with two wires. I presume the other would correspond to the wiring diagram for main - ie one would be the relay switched neutral - and the other presumeably a spur off off the dim dip red/green +12v feed. ie - the other main bulb is live when dip is on - but needs the relay switched neutral circuit to fire on.

    I was only changing a bulb - but like to know how things work ! Its confising to see a three pin bulb with only two wires to it !

    Looking again at this 90 -93 wiring diagram - it seems to match my two bulb light set up - ie two bulbs each with two wires. How can this wiring match a single three wire bulb as is depicted in the illustrated headlight cluster of the same manual ? So its still a mystery to me ?

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