So, didn't use my 96 Civic EX for about a month, and then it just wouldn't start. I never used it that much and it kind of was sluggish to start (I figured the battery) because I would only use it infrequently. Well, then it didnt start, I bought a new battery and it still didn't start....

Now, enter a year later. I want to get it going again. I replaced the spark plugs, replaced the fuel pump, and the battery had a full charge. However, I crank it and it does not make any attempt to turn over. It seems to crank very "healthily" but that's it. I'm not really sure where to go from here.

What is of diagnostic value, I think, was that the car used to run and then just didn't from sitting in my driveway. Of course, it sat there for a year now, but there was "trauma" per se.

I'd really appreciate some help on where to go from here. Thank you kindly!